Friday, January 18, 2008

WNG Meme By Way of NoR!!!

I know I know, I promised to do this shit days ago, but I've been busy at work (imagine that!!!), my computer at home had been down for 2 weeks, and you know what, my brain has been rather scattered!!! But anywho...NoR has once again tagged me for a wonderful meme thusly, I must perform duties as your fellow blogger...Enjoy!

…(two names you go by)…
1. Tera
2. Tie between Tizzy and T-Dub

...(two things you are wearing right now)...
1. My jeans that make my booty look oh so licious!
2. My kick ass brown leather boots!

...(two things you would want (or have) in a relationship)..:
1. Honesty...yeah, I know it's quite a stretch
2. Love

...(two of your favorite things to do)...:
1. Spend time with my sons
2. Relax

...(two things you want very badly at the moment)...:
1. Mucho dinero
2. A private jet (and of course a sexxxy pilot!)

....(two pets you had/have)...:
1. (As a child), Weasel
2. Snowball...I no longer enjoy the pleasures of owning wildlife!

...(two people you think will fill this out)...:
1. Nina (shut up, it should be easy, you've already done it in e-mail!)
2. Susan (she's the only one other that NoR who cares when I'm gone!)

...(two things that you did last night)...:
1. Made room for my new furniture
2. Prayed

...(two things you ate today)...:
1. Athenian Broiled Chicken from my favorite Mediterranean restaurant
2. Pizza

…(two people you last talked to)...:
1. My mother
2. My cousin

...(two things you're doing tomorrow)...:
1. Going to D's basketball game
2. Working

...(two longest car rides)...:
1. Atlanta
2. Myrtle Beach

...(two favorite holidays)...:
1. My Birthday (you skeptics shut the hell up!)
2. Christmas (that's when I can take the most days off and get away with it!)

...(two favorite beverages)...:
1. Kool-Aid
2. A good Margarita/Daiquiri

…(two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to)...:
1. My Grandmother
2. My Aunt

Tagging Nina and Susan.....back to Matters of the Heart next week!!!


Dagromm said...

Friday afternoon posts get no love, but I'm glad to see you're back.

Tera said...

Dagromm~Whateva! I can tell you were eagerly awaiting my post since you were the first to comment ;-)

Nance said...

tera...KOOL-AID! sure can tell you have kids. lol

Tera said... hateration! :-)

NoRegrets said...

Notice I didn't harass you?? even though you had promised to do it? Wasn't I nice??
Of course, I had a lot of shit going on too...

Tera said...

NoR~You're too funny! Of course you knew I'd get around to it anyways ;-)

Susan said...

Wow. I haven't been tagged in forevvver.

heather said...

nance, koolaid rocks, just add vodka. ;-)

Tera said...

Susan~I knew you would take on your task with pride! :-)


spunky said...

I am with heather-just add some vodka and we are good to go now.

Tera said...

Spunky~You two may be onto something!