Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can I Get A 2-Piece...Hold The Stank Ass Attitude?!

You know...I hate to make a come back on some complaining s-h-i-t, but is all that's on my mind at present. For some odd reason unbeknownst to mankind, GOOD customer service no longer ranks very high among workers' list of priorities. Allow me to elaborate...

Today (as well as a gazillion other days lately) I left work late. In this day and age of stimulus funding, my job is extremely hectic. As of February 17th, I was awarded roughly $1.4 million for one of my programs, and basically I need to shit a miracle by June 1 in order to make the program a in case inquiring minds want to know where I've been, there you go! I digress. My boys needed to be at Boy Scouts today by 7 p.m. so of course, there's no time to cook. I tend to like the new grilled chicken at KFC, so I decided to stop to pick up some grub.

I waited in line for MORE than 10 minutes. I was highly agitated because there was like 9.2 workers in the back, and surely they could assign more than one person to the registers, right? Wrong! I stuck it out and prayed that the 50-11 people in front of me had simple orders. By the time it was my turn, I was VERY specific in that I wanted---the 10-piece family meal special, NO WINGS, legs instead, 1/2 grilled, 1/2 crispy. Easy enough right? I have no idea why hell I didn't check my bucket, I just made haste to get home in enough time for the boys to eat.

We washed our hands and prepared for dinner. All the way home, my hungry dial went from 5 to 5,000 as the wonderful aroma burst out the of the little holes in the top of the needless to say, I was ready......I popped that top off grinning like a Cheshire cat, looked down, and to my dismay........right at the top of the fucking bucket.........5 WINGS!!!!!!!! That really burned my asshole! So I made several attempts to call and speak to a manger and belly-ache about it, but they never answered the phone. Finally, the fax machine picked up. Then finally a person picked up......and hung up on me! I immediately call the Corporate office.

***After 14 minutes of AWFUL elevator music***

Numb Nuts: "This is Numb Nuts, may I help you?"

Me: "Yes, and acutally I called to complain about my local store, but should I also complain about my nearly 15 minute wait time?"

Numb Nuts: "Ma'am just as you have something to say so do others, so when we finish listening to what others have to say, then we can pick up your call and listen to what you have to say."

Me: "Excuse me?"

After repeating exactly what he said in an exponentially nastier tone...

Me: "I would like to speak to a manager. I am highly agitated, I have waited on this phone forever, and I don't appreciate your tone with me."

Numb Nuts: "Oh, if I were getting smart with you, you would know it, for sure!"

Me: (In sheer disbelief) "Really? Well perhaps I should report you."

Numb Nuts: "Perhaps you should."

Okay...what is wrong with that picture? The nerve of that guy to speak to me in that manner. Of course I get my money back and a call from the local manager, but that PISSED ME OFF!

I will truly need 2 or 3 more blog posts to share my bad customer service experiences from the past week, an effort to not be greedy, I will open the floor for comments of your recent experiences.

P.S. Please accept my apologies in advance if I don't make it to all your blogs. I am stressed, tired....and I guess we'll add pissed to the list.