Monday, February 28, 2011

Is It Over Already?

Well since it is the last day of Black History Month, I decided to go in the old archives and pull this one out...ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

...But Deliver Us From Evil

God is GOOD my fellow Bloggers! Today, I join my Mommy in celebrating 11 YEARS of sobriety. Life has been full of trials and tribulations for this family as we were on this roller coaster ride with her. Of course the childhood memories are difficult to erase when you have a parent that is an addict. You even choke on forgiveness as it too is a tough one to swallow. But as I learn more about the program, and what I need to do as her daughter to be supportive and work on mending my relationship with her, I am amazed by her tenacity--I become increasingly proud and admire her more as the years go by. I know that for her, this is truly a tough journey...she does not walk alone.

I have heard her describe her circumstances as living from second to second...then minute to minute...then day by day...and look what she has accomplished now. I commend her for her determination, and I thank God for her DELIVERANCE. Sobriety is an uphill battle, so I continue to pray for her will power and strength.

Congratulations Mommy...I Love You!