Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Power of Words

Those of you who really know me know that I am a fan of semantics. Be it words in our every day language, or some of those random words that I like to make up on my own...I love words.

Well the other day, they had an interesting topic on the radio...words that evoke disgusting imagery in an of themselves! I was immediately sucked into this conversation and had a lot of fun thinking about blogging about it for the past few days. Now the following list of words are those that give me the willies! Some make my skin crawl...some make me nauseous...hell, some of them are pure hurlage!!!

1. Puke
2. Slither
3. Pus (this one makes me shiver!)
4. Spit
5. Ooze
6. Phlegm
7. Poop
8. Fart
9. Rotten
10. Corroded

...and of course the list could go on-I'm sure that I omitted a few!

In comments, how do these words make you feel? How many of you think I am insane.....as. If. I. Care. What words might you add to the list?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Speaking of Random Moments....

Susan, my sister from another mother has sent some interview questions that made me feel such a random range of emotions trying to answer them, I am almost speechless!

1. You wake up this morning and realize "this is the day I'm going to finally..." What is it that you've been putting off that you've finally found the strength to do? What's kept you from doing it this long? I'm (finally) going to do 2 things...brainstorm ideas for a Business Plan to open my night club, and do my research on first time home owners grants. I was just sick to my stomach today about a catastrophe at work, and then came home to sign yet another lease on my apartment (going into year 3). Given that these 2 events literally made me ill, instead of complaining, I would do something about the both of them.

2. Though you had the strong resolve to do what you've stated above, change can be hard. Who do you call when you're about to give up? Why? What do they do for you that motivates you to keep going? I call my friend T...she always has such sound advice and speaks to my spiritual being on a level like none other. I have always believed that she was placed in my life for significant reasons, and her objectivity and keep-it-realness has gotten me through a many a storm. She is a bit older and much wiser than I am and ALWAYS has the ability to see things in my situation which may not be apparent to me.

*Note, for the record, before calling T, I usually call upon God (prayer)...but you all know how I feel about discussing religion in detail...among other topics.

3. It's one of those gray days outside. Though you've tried really hard, you feel yourself getting a little down. Instead of trying to cheer back up you decide just to get good and depressed. What a) song do you listen to? b) movie do you watch? c) book do you read? a) "Open Up My Heart" by Yolanda Adams. b) "City of Angels" (Meg Ryan & Nicholas Cage). c) Those who know me know that I don't really read, but I did thoroughly enjoy "A Day Late and a Dollar Short" by Terry McMillan, and shed quite a few tears.

4. Alright, enough of that depressing shit. It's time to cheer up. What song makes you start tappin' your foot and feelin' better no matter what the mood? "Got to Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye!!!!

5. Did you just hear the knock at your door? Mr. Right has finally arrived! Describe him including: a) looks b) personality c) "hidden" talents d) what took him so damned long to show up? Susan, for the record, I. Heart. This question!!! a) He's between 6' and 6'4", beautiful smile, clean cut and shaved (unless there's a nice goatee), and smells like Heaven. b) He's smart, he has a great sense of humor, (I know it's a stretch but...) he's HONEST, compassionate, romantic, and open-minded. c) He has a nice "package," and knows how to take his time and do things right...and generally has the ability to put me in a state of paralysis when it comes to, well you know :) Aside from that though, he also knows how to make me smile and lift my spirits on the worst days :) d) First he was making sure that I passed the prerequisite...loving myself first. He also was waiting until he was sure I could handle actually having what I have longed for and prayed for and would totally be okay with the fact that I had to look no further!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Woman With No Regrets Interviews A Woman With Some...

NoR has taken time out of her busy schedule fighting bears and taming the wild to interview me. I am ever so excited to answer her questions and hope that all of you will enjoy this post!

1. You've just won an all-expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world with either one adult or two children. Who would you take, and where would you go? I would most definitely take my young men, and we would tour Europe! They are the loves of my life, and since I was NEVER exposed to much excitement as a child, I vowed that as long as there is breath in my body, I would expose them to all of those things I missed out on. I know that Europe is culturally rich...France, Italy, Spain, Greece....the list goes on and on! There are places to go, people to see, and fabulous cuisine to eat!!!

2. You've just been chosen as a contestant on Survivor. What non-essential item would you take with you and why? Let me preface this expressing my disdain for reality shows (shut up Nina!)!!!! I don't like them...in fact, this is the first year I think I tuned in to American Idol! I just think that life is real enough, and true, it gives us a chance to see that other people are just as crazy as we are (if not crazier), they're just not my cup of tea!

I think I would take my lip gloss. My lips happen to be one of my strongest assets, and I happen to be borderline OCD when it comes to keeping them moist ;-)

3.What's the most important thing you've learned from your children? I have learned that love is the most phenomenal thing in this world! I never thought that I would ever have anyone in my life that could elevate my blood pressure to fatal levels and get me to the highest point of pisstivity...and I could still love them with all of my heart. I love them unconditionally, and know that they love me...and no matter how low I perceive my esteem to be, they lift me up in a way unimaginable to all mankind. They are truly a blessing in my life.

4. If you had to choose one of the following to happen to you, which would it be?
- lose sight
- lose hearing
- lose use of legs
Wow NoR!!!! This is truly a tough one, but if I had to pick, it would be to lose hearing. I couldn't imagine what it would be like not to actually see if the world would change, how my boys would grow, or the 4 seasons as they come and go. I also am a person who needs to be in perpetual motion, so to lose the use of my legs would definitely impede that process! So, in a nutshell, I would prefer close-captioning and sign language to a seeing-eye dog and/a wheelchair any day!

5. Do you have any regrets? If so, name one and explain why/what you'd have done differently. If not, tell me your favorite color. :-) Yes, and I know that the saying goes, "everything happens for a reason," but there are many regrets that I have. I regret being such a harsh person at times. I had to build this wall around me and put armor on my heart because of what I had been through having a crack addict as a mother and trying to survive, along with allowing the 2 men that I had my children by to be a part of my life. Now I don't regret them because I have my children, but they are a part of the reason my heart has been broken beyond repair.

All I can say about my action plan is that therapy and a relocation have truly helped...tremendously. I look at things differently now, I try not to sweat the small stuff, and I try to yield on occasion, because healthy relationships with family and friends are wonderful! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I know that I am a work in progress, but many in my immediate circle will tend to agree that I am in a much better place.

PS~My favorite color is Peach and shut the hell up...yes it IS a color ;-)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Damn You Dagromm!

Apparently, our friend Dagromm likes to be clever and go against the grain. He has asked 50-11 questions in this interview, and I need him to understand that there may be hell to pay!

1. You're a good parent who loves your kids, but you're like all of us and once in a while think "What if". So if you didn't have kids what do you think that you would have done or accomplished that you haven't done to this point? You know honestly it is VERY difficult to imagine what life would be without them! I don't think I would have my MBA, but I would have completed the Computer Science degree that I began before learning that I was pregnant with W. I attribute my level of motivation to them, so although I would be successful (I'm sure), I would probably be a lonely workaholic with a smaller ass and hips!

2. It's been well documented that the Crotch Wizards have had to discipline rogue members of the group before. Which member of the Crotch Wizards would you like to discipline? I think hands down, that would be Cyber D. For the most part, he behaves, but when he gets in certain moods and has his occasional bout with passive-aggressiveness, I would like to crack my whip!

3. Dagromm Day has been sweeping the globe, how do you celebrate and show your love for all that is Dagromm? Hmmm...let's see, there would be a festival with competitive games and a costume contest. Dagromm/Dags/Dagomon shirts, hats, pins, and Frisbees for everyone (for a small fee of course)! There would also be a ceremony featuring a tribute to the new wave--the age of the Soccer Dad and a "Things I Like About Dagromm" round. Then everyone would gather around with glasses of Tequila in hand for the dedication round where you present the sponsorship check to me for Tera Day!

4. The world had finally figured it out and decided that you should be treated like a queen and waited on hand and foot by a concubine of men including Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock Johnson, Paul Walker, Tom Welling, and Tyson Beckford. This being the new status quo, I ask "How could you do this to me?????" I would simply say, "Not to worry My Sweet, because the only one on that list I would consider allowing doing anything to me other than my hair, manicure, pedicure, or massage is Paul Walker, and after Q's latest post, even that is questionable!"

5. Due to tragic unforeseen circumstances you die by a massive overdose of cocaine and Red Bull. When you arrive in heaven Saint Peter asks whom you'd like to live next door to in the community apartments in the sky for the rest of Eternity. I haven't died yet so you can't choose me. Q has died, but apparently some of his sexual oddities kept him from being admitted through the pearly gates. (You crack me up!) I would ask to live next door to my grandmother on the right, and my Aunt Button on the left.

6. Blogger asks about your favorite movie and book. I want to know what your favorite music video is? Currently and of all time? Currently it's "Wall to Wall" (Chris Brown) or wait, maybe it's "Get Me Bodied" (Beyonce)??? Anyways...of all time, I'm torn between "Pleasure Principle" (Janet Jackson) and "Thriller" (Michael Jackson).

7. Your about to make some steamy lovin'. What music do you have playing when it's time to get to it? The new Jagged Edge CD...although short, it's. The. Shit.

8. Your kid asks you one of those questions that makes you say, "Oh shit!?!". What's the question? Ooh, this is easy, because it has happened on several occasions! "Mommy, I know this is my winkie (flicking it in a way that makes me uncomfortable).........but what's theeeeese (with thumb and middle finger in a c-shape gently pressing "them" together)?"

9. What does the term "...for her pleasure" mean to you? When you've seen it used has it been accurate? All I have to say about that is condoms only means safer...they are NEVER "for her pleasure."

10. We all have boundaries. Even on the Internet. What topics do you have no interest in discussing? Please discuss them now. Well I guess your request defeats the purpose??? I generally don't like discussing politics...I'm a Democrat (there, consider it discussed). I also don't like discussing religion...too many blasphemists out there nowadays!

11. Please elaborate on your answer to #10. You're funny...no!

12. Somebody offers you fifty bucks to cut all ties with your blog friends and never read their stuff or communicate with them again. Do you take it? If not what's your price? (Mine's twenty) LOL! No, I would tell them to keep their $50, because my blog friends are indispensable! Uhhhhh, but say $51.50, it might warrant further discussion ;-)

13. A good friend has just discovered blogging and wants to know about the group you run in. How do you describe them? As a good combination of smart, funny, crazy, emotional, witty, and aesthetic!

14. You gain the ability and opportunity to kick ass like Grace Jones in Conan the Destroyer, except with better hair. Whose ass gets beat first? Am I allowed to say the President here? I guess this would be a continuation of number 11 :)

15. What do people at work think you're doing all day? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I can't care!