Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So I wasn't reminded of the fact that I wanted to blog about this until today when I read comments in someone else's post...What do you all think about those leashes they make for children now-days? Do they make that occasional stroll in the park much safer? Do they protect the child from all harm? Perhaps they give the average pooch a sense of belonging and make them fit in better among the family conglomerate? Because honestly, I don't like them...not at all...not even a little bit. When I see folks walking down the street with those, all I can picture is a child running toward the street; the parent panics, thus yanking the leash very hard; and then instead of getting hit by the car--which I see as the only positive in the situation--, the child has a scratched knee and forehead, perhaps a broken arm or rib, a missing tooth and a slight concussion if not whiplash. Is it just me? Your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Little Things...

How has everybody been? It's been rather busy over this way as I am grappling with issues related to life, family, finances, career exploration...yada yada yada--I'm certain that I'm in that boat alone. Anywho...I thought I would cruise by Peruse & Ponder and dazzle you all with another Will & Damoe anecdote.

A couple of weeks ago, we were taunted with a bit of la primavera. The sun was beaming down and the breeze was pleasant. You could even "smell" spring in the air as the birds chirped and a few locals fired up their grills. The boys and I decided to take a ride. As we traveled on a main--very busy--road near our subdivision, we came to a red light, and had to sit there for what seemed to be an eternity. So, of course, the sun was brilliantly shining through the windshield...

Will: (Impatiently squirming and fighting the sun's glare) Dannng! How LONG is this light?!

Me: (With a silent chuckle) Will what's wrong? Is the sun too much for you? Usually when that happens, people do this (as I pull down the visor--then there's a long pause).

Will: (As if he had just discovered an invention of the upper echelon) Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! What the...? I never knew that's what that was for (the look of "wowness" transformed to utter astonishment and amazement)! Why didn't anybody tell me (looking at me as if I had kept the world's best secret from him)? WHOA, I thought that was just to hold papers and stuff up! And look, there's a light in there (as he tried to see if the light would stay on as he lifted and lowered the mirror flap--at least 3 times).

Me: (Chuckling a bit louder by now) Really Will? I'm sorry you didn't know that, but I am very happy to have made your day!

I take a gander in the rear-view mirror, and an impatient Damoe is sitting in the back seat rolling his eyes--pretending to ignore us--while singing along with the radio. Just then I turned onto another street heading south--and the sun is now coming through the passenger window...

Will: (After a sigh of disappointment while trying to shade the sun from the side of his face) Awww man!!! Well I guess it worked for a minute...

Me: Well, usually when THAT happens, people do this (as I unlatch the visor and shift it over to the passenger side window).

Will: (Absolutely tickled to DEATH!) Mom! This is the best thing EVER! Wow! It moves and everything?! This is awesome (he continues to move the visor back and forth--totally ignoring the sun now of course, because he is now equipped with knowledge that--intellectually--places him far above the rest)!

Me: You see Will, you learn something every day!

Damoe: (With a look that was a combination of sheer disgust and "do I really know these people, and if so, why am I related to them?" on his face as he sighed deeply before exclaiming) LOSERS!!!
It cracked. Me. UP!!!