Friday, August 31, 2007

Alas!!! The Boys at P&P!

Other than a few odds and ends, I don't think I've ever posted a blog about my handsome young men!!! As I sit here looking at the photo on my desk...which by the way seems to be my only remnant of why I remain sane now days...I began to chuckle. They are the light of my life, and the center of my universe, so I thought I'd shared a few anecdotes from the Life and Times of W and D!!!

W is the older of the 2. He's a pretty laid back young man who has gotten an A+ in grasping the concept of "every man for himself." Generally, he looks out for his younger brother, but on some occasions he has been caught red handed doing things such as finishing his slushie about 3/4 of the way and trading with D (whose slushie is still almost full) because he's assured him that "red" is better than "blue." One time, he used his age, thus, more advanced gross motor skills to his advantage and left D in the dust when they were about to go outside and he could tie his shoes quicker. There was also this one time when he knew he was the only one who had graduated from "toaster use only" to using the microwave and didn't make enough french toast sticks for know...that kind of stuff.

And then there's D...he's who many refer to as "that little one." Let's just say that he's cut from a different cloth. Although both of the boys are astoundingly brilliant, and are very astute, D is well...a little "different." He wears these cute little glasses that make him seem so adorable and innocent, when in fact, I've had to (a time or two) leave a slight hand imprint on those ever-running soup coolers of his! He has the mouth. He always reminds me when I am a word or two off from telling stories accurately; he likes to kindly tell people if they you know, have a "booger (which he refers to as mocos)," if they stink, or if they're mean, or racist etc.; he also likes to politely let everyone in the parking lot know when I accidentally drop a piece of unwanted paper...or napkin...or apple core or something.

I'll tell you, the boys are characters...different as night and day, but both possess many qualities that I had as a child/have, and it cracks me up!

W likes to express (very loudly-which I call "dry snitching") to D, "You know Mommy said we can't ride our skateboards down the slide!" and his center of focus is hanging out with his friends...with whom he shares a secret handshake...

While D likes to draw, and write poems, stories and books; and tries emotional appeal tactics to persuade me to buy Axe cologne for them because the commercial says, "It makes the ladies go crazy!"

Yep...those two are a riot. And I am announcing from this point forward that I will share little D and W-isms periodically so that I may give you all a glimpse of what REALLY keeps me going in this chaotic thing I call a life!

In comments, what do you think of the boys so far; share your own little stories about your little Bambino/as; and if I really go crazy, who wants to come with?

Monday, August 20, 2007


Okay, I finally watched "The Number 23." I must admit, I really like Jim Carrey anyways, so this was much easier to watch than say..."1408." I was totally intrigued by the mind games, the trickery, the happenstance, the mystery, and depth. I was moved by the suspense thriller mood with a "Sixth Sense" hue, and a third person twice removed kinda twist!

In comments: Your feedback. Who will try to respond in 23 letters or less? And a bonus for admitting if whether or not you actually tried your name and/were sucked into the Numerology exercises in the extras!

Friday, August 17, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

As school has begun, they are putting fall clothes on the racks, and summer is coming to an inevitable end, I have felt compelled to sit back and reflect upon the chain of events in my life for the past couple of months. Let's see...

These vacuums-for-pockets idiots at the KY BMV finally found out that I hadn't switched my car insurance from my Ohio policy, and now, I have incurred and additional (at my "convenience") $87 cost on my monthly premium.

The jerk I tried to build a long distance relationship with (back home) wasn't holding up his end of the bargain. And lets just say he's not the sharpest crayon in the box since he lives a few houses down from my mother...OF COURSE she wouldn't tell me!

I tried to reconvene adult activity with my Part-Time Peter...but to my surprise......he's a fucking loser too!

I found out I have to actually pay for the follow up visits to the dentist which should have been included in the umpteen thousands of dollars I paid them to do the work!

They stopped selling my favorite chicken wings at Wal-Mart....Bastards!

I haven't met anyone that moves me enough to even consider a first date with them, let alone a second.

Gas is STILL more per gallon than a frapping gallon of milk (which I'm still trying to figure out which is worse)!

My job as we all know it, still SUCKS! They've added extra duties for which they have no intentions of compensating me for...BITCHES!

It's been so damned hot outside, that I can barely make home from the grocery store without the veggies looking pureed, and the ice cream looking like milk.

I woke up this morning with a stupid ass flat tire, thus, my kids were late to school already on day 5. And the fact that I had to pay nearly $20 to get the fucker plugged makes my ass hurt!!!

In already know what to do!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sniffle Sniffle...*Blowing Nose*

All right people. High tail your asses over to Nina's blog...she wrote an incredible post today!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I Couldn't Let It Go!

My Sweet, please don't consider me an ingrate, because I sooooo love the Avatar you picked for me, which of course, won the vote. Thank you again. I just could not let the Mermaid on Rock in Thought go, hence, I posted it on my sidebar! So Eslocura, please accept this token of my appreciation...I guess since I didn't get any mangos, I will have to settle for the picture you sent!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned...

Who would have thought that this day would ever come? I most certainly didn't! All of my life, I have had standards by which I live, principles that I adopt, and morals and values by which I stand...firmly. One of those is using the phrase G__damn it (no matter how hard I've every tried, I can't do it), and another is...sleeping with a married man.

This is something that I would not budge on...for several reasons. One, I think that I do a fantabulous job of sinning on my own, two being I don't have time to aid and abet some one's infidelities, and three...If I'm going to go to hell, shit, I'm not going to hell for a man that can't control his winkie!

But there has been a strange series of events in my life lately...almost in a Leminy Snickets (if that's how you spell the shit) sort of way. I used to work very closely with a man on my last job...and when they were looking to fill that position, I hoped and prayed that it would be someone my age, a peer...someone I could relate to. I just didn't think that if they would send someone as suavamente as M that he'd have to be married!!! Now we all know that I have had my share of office romance and wasn't in the mood for another, but brother man was looking rather scrumdili-icious!

I did a very good job of containing myself during our tenure there. We even hung out on occasion (which his wife was totally fine with), and more often than not, I think he picked up on certain esteem issues I had and began complimenting me profusely...on my personality, my education...and yes, even my appearance! We still never "went there," and I hated when I had the most impure thoughts when I smelled his cologne etc.

One night we went out, and had a great time! Everyone else that joined us had left, but he and I still had to "politic" about a thing or two. So we did, and as we departed, he got in the passenger side of my car since we still had "a little giggle left." After a second or two, he said, "I had a great time tonight...give me a hug so we can take our drunk asses home." So I did................and to my surprise, I got a soft, sweet, sensual, peck on the neck! 105 degrees of heat immediately rushed through the blood in my veins, each and every one of my 206 bones reduced to rubber, I began to throb in parts that I'd much rather not mention (can't afford anything higher than an "R" rating on this blog), and any oxygen supply that may have availed itself to me in that moment ceased to exist! We sat there...speechless...and we went our separate ways.

It didn't make anything awkward, but I did feel a bit guilty, because to me, a sin in the mind is just as bad as one in real life! We never mentioned it again, but that's when it all began...

I have been having recurring dreams about M! These dreams are the most passionate, lustful, and down right out-of-this world in nature! It is getting to the place where I just can't handle it! And since we still hang out, I am not sure how much more I can take!!!

Help me please! What do I do? Someone smack some sense into me!

P.S. I know what 97.5% of you are going to say, but I am so curious as to what the other 2.5% are pondering!

Gone But Not Forgotten

Susan has really been on me lately about my sporadic behavior when it comes to posting on my blog. So, I said to myself that I would post about whatever was on my mind this morning, or that which has been on my mind the most lately. Since this is somewhat of a somber topic, I will post another mini-post when this one is complete.

I got a text the other day from my very good friend Ro who lives in read, "Please pray for K (her daughter), because she lost her father...he was murdered last night." My heart dropped! We are from a very small town back in Ohio where everybody knows everybody and has for years, so, within minutes I received a few other texts about it. I didn't really know him very well, but it saddened me, because (since I've been in such a nostalgic mood lately) I began to think of all of the CLOSE friends...and a couple of lovers too that I have lost over the years.

May they rest in peace...they are gone, but truly not forgotten...

1983-My friend Jocelyn (5)...hit by a car (we were only in Kindergarten)
1993-A friend, Desmond (16), accidentally shot in the head by his step-brother
1998(ish)-A close family friend, Giovanni (mid 30's)...murdered (stabbed to death) by her husband
1999-A lover Rashad (19) in SC...fell asleep behind the wheel after a football game; crashed and broke his neck
2000(ish)-A friend Dre (early 20's)...hit by a semi and killed in a car crash
2000(ish)-A childhood friend, Tonya (early 20's)...committed suicide
2001(ish)-A very close friend's daughter, Kyia (a couple weeks old)...passed away after complications (she was a premie)
2002-My BEST friend Kysha (24)...died of cancer
2003(ish)-My son's father's best friend Dre (early 30's)...shot and killed
2003(ish)-A good friend, Robert (mid 20's)...drowned
2004-A lover Cleon (mid 20's)...died of a drug overdose
2005-A life long friend, Maurice (26)...stabbed and killed
2006-A close friend, Kevin (early 30's)...shot and killed while at a wake
2006-A co-worker and friend, Shashu (early 40's)...died of cancer
2007-A good friend, Butterball (late 20's)...shot and killed

I'm sure I may have missed a couple, because at times, it seemed like every time I turned around, there was a funeral to attend! Bear in mind that this is only friends and doesn't include those family members that I have mentioned to you in several blogs and comments past. I guess this has been on my mind because it is important to tell your friends how much you really care about them and how much they mean to you, because in a split second, they can be gone.

In comments...any friends and/lovers lost and how to deal with the grief years later, and years to come.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Nostalgia---oh what a wonderful thing. Sometimes, it is our gentle reminder that things weren't always amok in our lives. Sometimes it is the spontaneous recollection of those little tidbits of history that brings us so much joy. Sometimes it is that last little thread that ties to those memories that we would like to hold onto for an eternity.

This morning, when I opened my bag of popcorn and the flavorful aroma emerged from the bag, I instantly thought of when my mother (during one of her very few sober times when I was a kid) used to make Jiffy Pop on the stove in the little aluminum pan with the handle...whether it was for eating during a movie or to string for the Christmas tree, it always made me feel a sense of coziness and brought a smile to my face. So then I began to think of other things that happen in my every day life that are nostalgic...

Cardboard boxes: Who didn't make an attempt to build a club house? We attempted to build one every day, and even on occasion tried to augment our strategy by outlining it with random bricks and huge rocks that we found in the neighborhood! We had the bare necessities that we managed to scrounge up such as newspaper (for sitting), lunch meat (for dinner), toys, and a roll of toilet paper. I always have a little giggle when I think of how many countless times we attempted this task and NEVER could quite get it!

"Penny" candy: Now & Laters, Chick-o-Sticks, Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads...the list goes on and on! Remember you could actually get them for 5 cents or cheaper??? Well the aforementioned list reminds me of the local dairy which happened to be right across the street form where I grew up. I thought I was the epitome of "the shit" when I was allowed to cross the street at 5 years-old to get my grandmother's newspaper, Wonder bread, and yes....penny candy!

"The Green Thing:" I never really quite knew what to call that...I think it controlled some kind of power source in the neighborhood, but to us, it was also known as "base." We played hide-and-go-seek for HOURS when they put that thing next door! *Shouting* "Ice in a glaaaassss....Kool-Aid!"

Ham Hocks cooking on Sunday morning: Every time I make a hearty Sunday dinner of greens, baked barbecue chicken, macaroni & cheese (from scratch), candied yams, and cornbread, I think of Sunday morning at Grandma's. The boiling pot emits a misty steam that plasters to the window...oh the days I used to write my name in the fog, and wait *im*patiently for my taste tester of those wonderfully sweet candied yams!

Warm, sunny Saturday mornings: Waking up early at Grandma's for Cream of Wheat and toast while I wait for the Saturday morning line up, Smurfs, the Snorkles, and Alvin & The Chipmunks (and if I was lucky, the Chipettes were on that episode)!

Boy, those were the days....

In comments, does anyone else miss their Grandma so much they could cry, why was it called penny candy if it never cost a penny, and what the hell happened to good cartoons???