Friday, March 30, 2007

Office Romance

Hmmmmm, let's see. I may have viewed this topic a bit differently had you asked about it say...a little over a year ago. (Those of you blog normally, know what this part read, but I had to delete it ;-)

I digress....

So please help me understand something...I walked down the street to pick up lunch today. My boss asked me to pick him something up as well since this restaurant is also a fave for him! Fridays are usually pretty laid back, so there is typically only a few of us here. When I return, it seems really quiet, so I sit his lunch on his desk...I notice no one is in their offices, and that the "secretary" (for the sake of confidentiality) has not only her door, but her blinds closed. Okay, I guess I'm here alone........NOT!

When I got in my office, I noticed that I accidentally brought the boss' salad dressing around here by mistake, so I walk it back over to his I am headed back, I notice the secretary's door isn't close anymore, and the IT Guy (man-candy) is emerging!!! Hmmmmmm? Am I reading too much into it...I mean it only took me 15 minutes to walk down and return? Is it my business (well OF COURSE it is, LOL!)? What were they doing? Any chance of it being innocent (doubt it since the blinds were closed too)? And the MOST IMPORTANT question is...why am I mad???

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hunger Strike! you all know, I have posted several blogs regarding American Idol and the fact that I am infuriated that Sanjaya Malakar is still there. Well have you all heard? There is a woman who has gone on a hunger strike and hasn't eaten ANYTHING in 11 days (she has lost 10 lbs.). She says that she WILL NOT eat again until Sanjaya goes home, because he doesn't deserve to be there. Insider has contacted the Executive Producers of the show for fear that the woman would kill herself, but they assured them that there was nothing they could do, and that it was in the hands of the voting audience.

Is she taking this too far? Is it that serious?

Your thoughts?

People Poll

Every morning on the Russ Parr morning show, they have a segment they call "People Poll" in which they raise a topic and solicit response from the listeners. This morning's topic was a about very popular pizza franchise (which they weren't sure which one) which puts "dead-beat" dads on their boxes! One of the show hosts made a great point (and many listeners agreed) in that only if they owe a certain amount of money and/are a certain amount of months delinquent on their child support...and even in taking it a little further, if they have a warrant. Another host said no (and of course listeners agreed), because that could prove to be very traumatic for the child...for instance if he/she has a slumber party, and they order pizza...lo and behold, dad's on the box of all his/her friends to see, that might not be a very good thing.

I am not sure how I really feel about this. One caller said that in her city, they put them on billboards!!! I mean I guess, it wouldn't be a worry if men (and women alike) would just step up to the plate and be responsible, but there are some that pay child support and have Booku children, so they are still in arrearages, hence they would be posted regardless.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, March 23, 2007

What If I Hate My Job?

All of my professional life, I have been at a crossroads..."What do I want to be when I grow up?" I've been everything from a Waitress to a Career Counselor, and still have yet to find my "forte."

I occasionally try to reflect on some things...yes, I liked being an Executive Assistant, but everyone knows that is just the fancy way to say "secretary," and would one seriously go all the way to get their MBA just to be a secretary? I really liked working at the bank as well, but spending all these years in the world of non-profit now adds a "non-profit management" connotation to my resume making that shift back to the private sector almost futile.

When I began Case Management back home, I received accolades for my social work and advocacy...many attested to the fact that it must be my "calling." So when I relocated, that's the plateau I decided to rest on for a while. In my new city, it wasn't long before my name began to ring about in the community for the work that I had done, and I think I had found a point where I was finally "content..." but the morale at the agency I worked for forced me to make a decision...should I stay or should I go? I knew my customers needed me, many will say that I do what I do (advocacy/customer service) well, why would I leave? Hmmm... a raise, and a chance to get more Management experience on my resume, AND a new group of people to work with???? What did I have to lose?

I couldn't have been more wrong...Since the day I started I have been doing everything that I DON'T like to do. I have to read, read, read...I have to "think policy," and I have to go to meeting after meeting...I LOATHE meetings. I mean somewere along the lines in corporate America, we adopted this misconception that we have to TALK at people for about an hour on a topic that could be explained in 5 minutes, and I don't like it! My boss keeps telling me how important it is to remember that I need to put on a different hat now...I write contracts and policy, and should not worry so much about being "in the weeds (customer service)" so much anymore. What?!?!?! I just came out of those "weeds" not even a month ago, and hey, I liked it there!!!

So, as I sit here debating on whether or not I should just walk right out the door...I decided I'd ask my friends their thoughts and/suggestions...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Do You Know?

Let me set up a hypothetical for you...You have been single for quite a while. And in the midst of trying to heal a broken heart, you are trying to adjust to new surroundings, advance in your career, and take care of your children to the best of your ability. It has been quite some time since you've dated, because now, due to the nature of your heartbreak and poor choices you've made in the past, you are very skeptical about every man you meet, and tend to look at each and every thing about them under a microscope. At times, when things look like they can go a little further than friends, you completely shut down, and whatever good vibes any man sends off are immediately ricocheted by that tough shield that you have built around your heart.

After a couple months of your children asking questions (which probably is not their business at their ages), things looking better in your professional life, and as the healing process becomes easier and easier, you meet someone who is not as easy to brush off. A great guy who is charming, smart, ambitious, with an honest 60 hour per week job, no children, new to the area, with good wholesome values, who has asked YOU about a church in the area. You stand him up for the first potential date, but he is relentless, not to mention, you are really beginning to like him. Do you proceed, or do you not?

Sanjaya's Still There!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I am outraged! And American Idol is not all I think about so, I will post another blog after this one :) Last night, to my dismay, the votes were in, and Sanjaya stays!!! If that wasn't bad enough, they sent one of the BEST singers they had, Stephanie, HOME!!! She had a beautiful voice...I just don't understand what America is looking for here???

I tell you what...if he ends up being the American Idol, they have lost me as a potential new fan...not that I will make or break the show, it's just that it seems that they have moved far off course from their mission. After 6 seasons, I think that America's objectives have changed with regards to this show!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol

Each week, millions of people (the remainder from those who only opt to watch the auditions for a good laugh) rush to the TV to watch American Idol. Viewers watch the show awaiting the anticipated moment of casting votes for their favorite singer(s). Historically, I am not an avid American Idol fan, but this year for some reason, I was sucked in!

Needless to say, I have my favorites, and I have my least of which being Sanjaya (another was Antonella Barba-but she's gone). Each week I have watched in utter disappointment as he squeaks by to the next week and they send home one "better" singer after another.

Well, today, I got some shocking appears that he is a part of a website (and this is not word for word) that is designed for the "worst singer" to get votes to "keep America laughing." I also saw where Howard Stern urges his viewers to vote for the worst singer so as to "throw the vote."

I dont know how the rest of you feel, but I don't like this one bit. I mean what if it gets down to it, and he is competing with those like Jordan, Melinda, and Lakesha who have worked really hard and can really sing???

Your thoughts?