Friday, August 17, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

As school has begun, they are putting fall clothes on the racks, and summer is coming to an inevitable end, I have felt compelled to sit back and reflect upon the chain of events in my life for the past couple of months. Let's see...

These vacuums-for-pockets idiots at the KY BMV finally found out that I hadn't switched my car insurance from my Ohio policy, and now, I have incurred and additional (at my "convenience") $87 cost on my monthly premium.

The jerk I tried to build a long distance relationship with (back home) wasn't holding up his end of the bargain. And lets just say he's not the sharpest crayon in the box since he lives a few houses down from my mother...OF COURSE she wouldn't tell me!

I tried to reconvene adult activity with my Part-Time Peter...but to my surprise......he's a fucking loser too!

I found out I have to actually pay for the follow up visits to the dentist which should have been included in the umpteen thousands of dollars I paid them to do the work!

They stopped selling my favorite chicken wings at Wal-Mart....Bastards!

I haven't met anyone that moves me enough to even consider a first date with them, let alone a second.

Gas is STILL more per gallon than a frapping gallon of milk (which I'm still trying to figure out which is worse)!

My job as we all know it, still SUCKS! They've added extra duties for which they have no intentions of compensating me for...BITCHES!

It's been so damned hot outside, that I can barely make home from the grocery store without the veggies looking pureed, and the ice cream looking like milk.

I woke up this morning with a stupid ass flat tire, thus, my kids were late to school already on day 5. And the fact that I had to pay nearly $20 to get the fucker plugged makes my ass hurt!!!

In already know what to do!


Q said...

You still never answered my email!

I prefer the KY warming. I am not sure what this BMV you speak of is. I hope you can enlighten me.

Tera said...

Q~Knock it off! When you send an e-mail, I'll answer it! LOL!

The BMV would be the Bureau of Motor Vehicles...not sure what ya'll call it around dem der parts!!!

Tera said...

LMAO!!! Buuuuutttttttt...I'm SURE you knew what that was...Q, do you drive illegally? AND you post blogs with pictures of herbal refreshments??? Shit, one is liable to get sentenced 5-10 trying to be your friend!

Dagromm said...

Damn!!! We don't start school till the 27th, and the coming year already has me worn out. I'm trying to figure how we're going to fit homework into the schedule.

$20 to plug a tire is some bullshit. At least they did it. They like to tell me that it's too close to the sidewall and I need to buy a new tire for $100. Then I bitch until they get the tire down to about $30.

Q said...

Very true, Dagromm hangs up with me when he gets within 200 yards of a police station.

So what sensation does KY BMV provide?

I sent you an email! Two of them in fact, after you said you never got the first.

Tera said...

My Sweet~Uh yeah, but I guess it's not too bad starting this early because their last day is May 25th.

You're right, that is some bullshit! I almost went 360 degrees of ape shit crazy on their asses, but the boys were there!

Bitching always implies clearance pricing...this is good, very good.

Tera said...

Q~LOL! That is too funny! He knows they've got that shit tapped!

Sensation? The KY BMV or the vacuums?

Well send it/them again! And watch know Dagromm has dibs ;-)

Dagromm said...

Hell yeah I do!!!!! (Gives THE LOOK to Q, then THE NOD)

Q said...

High Five?!?

Susan said...

Wow. I was going to drop in to complain but nothing is coming to mind. I think something officially fizzled out upstairs.

Ohhh I know. I had to go out of town unexpectantly last night and just got back thus missing a heck of a good time. Tomorrow should still be good but still.

I registered for classes today, Tera. I'm about to die from nerves..

Tera said...

My Sweet~You see, I represent!!!

Q~Confused much?

Susan~Yippppeeeee...congrats Susan!!! I see why you really don't have much to complain about. A glass of wine always helps me calm my nerves ;-D

Kofi said...

Wine. That reminds me...

Tera said...

Kofi~I hear ya!

heather said...

can't speak for texas, but here in new york it's the dmv, department of motor vehicles.
i don't remember the last time i drove the speed limit other than when driving in work zones. (i ~never~ speed in work zones, so if you get stuck behind me doing the posted 45 just deal with it, i'll be back to 75/80 as soon as the work zone ends.) and i've done my part in supporting willie nelson's favorite cause. does this mean trying to be friends with me is liable to get you 10-15 too, or is that reserved for those with sexual perversions too? ;-)

dags, i'm confused. the nod after the look...does that mean 'go ahead as long as you know she's on loan' or 'yeah, that's right, i'll kick your ass if you try to touch her.'

i've got to get a copy of 'dibs for dummies'

heather said...

btw, michael asked if i could provide a bar stocked with jd and loose, sexy women. i told him i'd take care of the jd and see if you and kiddo were available for the loose, sexy women job.

it's not a bad thing, is it? ;-)

Anali said...

Wow, I hope thing look up soon. I was having my own mini-crisis, but when I do, I tend to disappear for a while and not post. Maybe there's something in the air.

Nance said...

tera--here in OH, milk is 3.79 a gallon and gas is currently/today 2.79 a gallon. both of those prices are, of course, ridiculous, but are you paying more for milk than gas, really?

our heat wave broke, and i am freezing. it's 70 here right now and going down to 52 tonight. however, you know that when i go back to work on friday, it will be 90 in our 200-year-old, UN-airconditioned building. sigh.

hope things look up soon. i'll be thinking of you!

briliantdonkey said...

We have been having a cold wave. I think it got all the way down to the 90's the other day. I don't mind warm weather though(as long as the AC doesn't break)so it's all good.


Tera said...

Heather~I am with you...something about that threat to double the fine if caught speeding in a work zone scares the shit out of me!!!

"Dibs for Dummies" huh? This may be a very useful piece of information!

Heather~I'm having a little difficulty with the "loose" part, but perhaps we can discuss this matter further ;-)

Anali~There may be, although yesterday, I was blessed in a major way, so I must appreciate that!

Nance~LMFAO!!! Good point, when I have to buy gas 11 gallons at a time! But hey, I did add the side note that I'm trying to figure out which is worse!

And boy do I remember how HOT it used to get in that building...I will be thinking of you as well! Thanks!

BD~I just hate warm AND humid!! I don't like the feeling of a sticky film on skin whenever I leave the makes me go totally OCD on the showers!

Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

I dont even want to think about school starting (27th) it is always a mad house in the mornings and I have a feeling I will end up with at least 3 mornings like you had in the first week!

Tera said...

Belle~We shall hope and pray that it doesn't happen to you! School starting is a mixed's chaos, but the kids are out of the house, and it's back to early bed times...Yay!

Anonymous said...

nina was here

Tera said...

Anon/Nina~You're stupid!

Tera said...

And you had better read the shit next time, or else as I said, I'm boycotting EC!!!