Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gone But Not Forgotten

Susan has really been on me lately about my sporadic behavior when it comes to posting on my blog. So, I said to myself that I would post about whatever was on my mind this morning, or that which has been on my mind the most lately. Since this is somewhat of a somber topic, I will post another mini-post when this one is complete.

I got a text the other day from my very good friend Ro who lives in read, "Please pray for K (her daughter), because she lost her father...he was murdered last night." My heart dropped! We are from a very small town back in Ohio where everybody knows everybody and has for years, so, within minutes I received a few other texts about it. I didn't really know him very well, but it saddened me, because (since I've been in such a nostalgic mood lately) I began to think of all of the CLOSE friends...and a couple of lovers too that I have lost over the years.

May they rest in peace...they are gone, but truly not forgotten...

1983-My friend Jocelyn (5)...hit by a car (we were only in Kindergarten)
1993-A friend, Desmond (16), accidentally shot in the head by his step-brother
1998(ish)-A close family friend, Giovanni (mid 30's)...murdered (stabbed to death) by her husband
1999-A lover Rashad (19) in SC...fell asleep behind the wheel after a football game; crashed and broke his neck
2000(ish)-A friend Dre (early 20's)...hit by a semi and killed in a car crash
2000(ish)-A childhood friend, Tonya (early 20's)...committed suicide
2001(ish)-A very close friend's daughter, Kyia (a couple weeks old)...passed away after complications (she was a premie)
2002-My BEST friend Kysha (24)...died of cancer
2003(ish)-My son's father's best friend Dre (early 30's)...shot and killed
2003(ish)-A good friend, Robert (mid 20's)...drowned
2004-A lover Cleon (mid 20's)...died of a drug overdose
2005-A life long friend, Maurice (26)...stabbed and killed
2006-A close friend, Kevin (early 30's)...shot and killed while at a wake
2006-A co-worker and friend, Shashu (early 40's)...died of cancer
2007-A good friend, Butterball (late 20's)...shot and killed

I'm sure I may have missed a couple, because at times, it seemed like every time I turned around, there was a funeral to attend! Bear in mind that this is only friends and doesn't include those family members that I have mentioned to you in several blogs and comments past. I guess this has been on my mind because it is important to tell your friends how much you really care about them and how much they mean to you, because in a split second, they can be gone.

In comments...any friends and/lovers lost and how to deal with the grief years later, and years to come.


Nina said...

You know, this is all just too sad. Write about something happy next.

Tera said...

Nina~Isn't it though?

heather said...

wow. i've had three friends pass. ruthie, fell asleep at the wheel on a snowy night. paul, suicide. and jennifer, cocaine caused a heart attack the first time she tried it. (she had a heart murmer)
that's more than enough for me.

Tera said...

Heather~Yes, that would be more than enough for anyone! I am sorry to hear that!

EsLocura said...

I've had way to many losses and frankly, I don't know how anyone gets through it, you just do, I can't think to write anything else so there, I'm done, nada mas.

Tera said...

Eslocura~Getting through is quite hard...yes, very hard indeed!

Dagromm said...

You did a really good job of remembering so many. That's a strong tribute to how much you care about others.

Tera said...'s really kind of hard to forget, you know?

rey said...

To my dear mother - 12 years later, the pain never goes away, in fact some days it seems to get worse.

And yes - Kevi Kev...for those who knew him...nothing ever needs to be said!!

Thanks Tera for making me cry today!!

Tera said...

Rey~I soooo wish I had known your mother...from what you tell me, she sure must have been a terrific person!

Happy to oblige Rey...shit...I had to cry, so I knew you of all people would join me!