Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lists, Lists, and MORE Lists!

Well, since lists have been somewhat a recurring theme in our circle of bloggers, and folks only dare to do the safe stuff like books, movies, songs, and food...and leave the tabu stuff alone, I decided to open the floor for you all to list your favorites (or less favorites)...so have at it!!!!

As usual, I will provide examples:

*Top 5 Wines

*Top 5 Meds (recreational and/medicinal :)

*Top 5 Quotes (Es may have leaned toward this in her last post...I just had to chuckle at a few!)

*Top 5 Pet Peeves (Q had a great post on this the other day!)

*Top 5 Actors (or a list of those who should stick to the low budget, underground and/Lifetime movies)

I think you get my point...hopefully soon, I have an idea for an original thought and/blog post.

Your lists in comments...and if anyone has an explanation for why I didn't come to work yesterday and have still not done a damn thing and it's almost 3 o'clock, feel free to enlighten me.


Q said...

I love lists almost as much as I love touching myself, so here are my lists:

Top 5 Meds:
1. Vicoden
2. Ambien CR
3. Morphine
4. Generic Vicoden
5. Ambien

Top 5 Actors:
1. George Clooney
2. Matt Damon
3. Steve Zaun
4. Dagamon
5. Gus Bladder

Top 5 Quotes:
1. Not now I'm tired
2. Who are you!
3. Get out of my bushes I am calling the cops!
4. You don't have any idea what you are doing do you
5. No!

Tera said...

Q~LMAO!!! So that WAS you in my bushes???

Q said...

Yeah, don't worry it won't happen again. I have been given permission to stalk someone on another blog. No more jail time for me!

fringes said...

Actors, no particular order:

Delroy Lindo
Don Cheadle
Geoffrey Rush
pre-Brokeback Mountain Jake Gyllenhaal
Terrence Howard when he is not crying in every other scene

EsLocura said...

Top 5 wines:
1) anything red
2) red
3) red
4) red
5) red

Top 5 meds:
1-5)anything that is mind altering

Top 5 pet peeves:
1-5) pregnant women parking spaces why?? why??

Top 5 sweets
1) anything with caramel
2) sweet tarts
3) twix bars
4) creme brulee
5) flan

Tera said...

Q~Oh, okay, thanks for clearing that up!

Fringe~You sister girlfriend and I are almost one in the same...I LOVE Don Cheadle, and Terrence Howard!!! I guess I won't even bother to watch Brokeback Mountain if that will ruin my like for Jake Gyllenhaal!!!

Eslocura~Piggybacking the pregnant women spots, how about the fact that there are more of those damned cart-dropper-offer-spots than parking spots!!!!

I have Creme Brulee lip gloss from Bath and Body Works...it is my fave!!!! I too love Flan! I just gained back one of the imaginary pounds I lost in the challenge reading the last part of your comment!!!

Nance said...

Top 5 People Pet Peeves:
1. Parents who refuse to control their kids in restaurants.

2. People who use cell phones in movies, live plays, or school events.

3. People who stand in the middle of store aisles and talk, forcing you to wait or ask them to move.

4. People who take up more than one parking space.

5. People who overdo the personal fragrance.

Tera said...

Nance~I believe you have hit the nail on the head.......5 times!!!!! It just sickens me when parents let their kids cry and cry or throw tantrums as if I'm paying my good money in a public place to be subject to that!

The drivers with cell phones who obviously can't multi-task or else they would still be going at least the speed limit infuriate me.

My aunt nearly smacked a lady at Wal-Mart who said we were rude because she was doing that very thing and since she wouldn't move her cart, we move it for her.

Those idiots actually think we would like to ruin their cars...meanwhile running the risk of ruining ours as well...they must have PhD's!

Uh yeah...I always tell them to LAY OFF THE BRUT!!!

Nance, you make me wish my post had been about pet peeves...

heather said...

top five wines- who knows, i don't think i've tried five wines.

top five drugs- ortha novum 28 day, alcohol, ortha novum 28 day, pot, ortha novum 28 day......:-)

top five quotes-
1. 'metric fuckload' overheard at http://barmaidblog.livejournal.com/
2. 'screw me running' from killer at http://killerific.blogspot.com/
i'll get back to you on the rest of those. and the rest of the list.

Nina said...

Top 5 Wines
1. Wine
2. Wine
3. Wine
4. Wine
5. Did I mention I like wine?!?!

Top 5 Quotes
1. You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best. (Tony Montana, Scarface)
2. (Sex and the City)
Carrie: Have you?
Mr.Big: Have I what?
Carrie: Ever been in love.
Mr.Big: Absofuckinglutely

3. I brought you into this world and I can take you out! (my mother)

4. With age comes responsibility. (Jason via his mother via her father)

5. I don't DO wildlife!! (Tera)

Top 5 Meds
2.Tylnol P.m.
5.And when all else fails...Xanax, again.

Top 5 pet peeves
1.Phone calls before 10a.m.
2.The "what do you feel like doing tonight" conversation
3.Bad ass kids in a public place
4.Finding the toilet seat up and covered in pee
5.People who lie!!!

I don't know the names of too many actors/actresses so I'm out with that one.

mist1 said...

My list...you know I can't follow directions.

Sh*t I left behind yesterday and location:

1. Orange raincoat. Ted's Montana Grill.

2. Green jeweled flip flops. Bar.

3. White tank top. Mall.

4. Phony girlfriend. Another bar.

Tera said...

Heather~GOT to have that Ortha Novum 28!!! LMAO @ your quotes!!

Nina~Bad kids in a public place seem to be on a couple lists!!! Glad to see I made your list of quotes ;)

Mist~My my aren't we forgetful! Uh, question...the white tank top you left at the mall wasn't the ONLY shirt you had on was it? And if these were the things you left behind yesterday...all of them, then...you literally went home with shorts/pants (and perhaps a bra) and that's it!

Susan said...

I came by. I can't think straight. I can try to just put a bunch of random things in here..uhhh..

1. Sean Connery
2. Jack Nickolson
3. Edward Norton
4. Robert Duvall
5. Kevin Costner (laugh it up)

Tera said...

Susan~Great list!

Dagromm said...

Top 5 guys I'd have sex with if I were gay. Counting down.

5. Donald Sutherland
4. Tom Welling
3. George Bush
2. Johnny Depp
1. Me (Dagromm)

Tera said...

Dagromm~I'm not sure how I feel about that, I've never heard a guy say something like that before, but anyways, I am assuming you only put George Bush on there because he's ALREADY "screwed..." I also see that we have something in common based on your number 2 choice...and of course number 1 ;)