Friday, June 15, 2007

Calming Nerves and Relieving Tension

Years ago, I had a hard time releasing all the stress that had built up inside, and similarly the anxiety and tension that went along with it. The most safe, legal, and effective emotional purging I could come up with was writing.

I used to write poems.

My friend Rey is considering a blog, and I shared with her this morning that my blog has offered a level of catharsis unknown to many. And although I thoroughly enjoy the writing here, I find myself (more and more) missing the outlet my poetry provided...the chance to use metaphors that don't have to make sense to the average reader, the chance to be colorful and imaginative, and the chance to periodically refer to myself in the 3rd person without being drunk or weirding people out!

So my friends, I present to you the last poem I wrote before my days as the new Maya Angelou (okay, that may be a stretch ;) came to a screeching halt...

Who Should She Be?

She should be commended, she should be praised
She shouldn't feel so down on so many days.
She should stand by her word and try not to settle
She shouldn’t let anyone make her stoop to their level.
She should walk real proud with her head held up high
She shouldn’t be hard on herself, but she is-WHY?

She thought she was a good woman-She does all that she can
She honors, respects, and is there for her man.
She works 40 hours per week, pays the bills, and goes to school,
She cooks dinner, she cleans, and nurtures her children too.
When it comes to romance she’s as gentle as can be.
She caters to each desire and fulfills each and every need.
She loves with all her heart and gives unselfishly-
Is she wrong to hope and pray for…reciprocity?

The question remains-who should she be?
Should she go based on what others claim that they see?
She reaches for a star when it should be the galaxy,
She prays for one wish when she knows she deserves three.
Should she be who she is, or be who she should be?
She should be true to herself and have dignity.

Who should she be, who should she be?
Let us speak for a moment about the things that she needs-
Please love her and hold her and converse endlessly.
Please appreciate, admire, and respect her honesty.
Please teach her new things and nourish her mind.
Please kiss her and touch her and be not unkind.

Caress her, make love to her, make her crave your touch.
Whisper softly in her ear-write love letters and such.
Don’t make her regret your mere presence-make her glad that you’re there,
Shower her with compliments-let her know that you care.
Don’t shatter her earth-so full of hopes and dreams,
Help her begin to love herself-help her build her esteem.

Her heart hurts so bad-is her love in vain?
She knows he can’t be the cause and the cure for her pain.
She must love herself first and the rest will fall in place
She will love herself-through prayer and GOD’s grace.
To first love herself-how hard can it be?
GOD made her that way, and HE is her King.
For the third and final time-who should she be?
The woman aforementioned-is that the real me?
I ponder and ponder, but now I can see…
I could be a million other things-but I’ve decided to be me.

By Tera

In comments...should Tera (I just LOVE doing that!) resume her part-time career as a poet (of course keeping her day time job)? Other stress relievers, and who's glad that I finally had an original thought?


Nina said...

For someone who claims not to like writing you sure do a great job at it, Tera! I love this, it's so beautifully spoken.

I write poems sometimes too. But they're just for me. That's one thing that I've never been able to share with anyone.I agree that it's a wonderful stress releiver.

Journal writing is something that I used to do on a daily basis. I've been thinking about getting back into the habit alot recently. It too, is a great stress reliever.

Tera said...

Nina~Well thank you! I think it's easier to write when it's not a mandate.

Yes, a journal is also great, I have one of them wasn't by choice, but hey, I like it!

Nance said...

She reaches for a star when it should be the galaxy,
She prays for one wish when she knows she deserves three.

These lines are so eloquent and evocative. They say everything. They speak to the selflessness that every mother--every woman, I think--experiences. That's the power of true poetry that I try to teach my creative writers. To capsulize in an image a huge emotion. To say much in little.

Nicely done here.

Tera said...

Nance~Thank you very much...and I do remember at the time of writing this the feeling...the force behind those very words. I am honored to receive your positive feedback on such.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I love this poem and heartily encourage you to start writing poetry again.

Tera said...

Thanks Woo! You guys are so could I not?!

fringes said...

Then it's settled. More poetry tomorrow. Thank you.

EsLocura said...

yeah, I agree with all the above, more poetry, thank you again.

heather said...

ya know, i am sick to death of finding talented writers here i blogland! this was supposed to be someplace where i could go to not think! instead i've found a group of incredibly talented, funny as hell, wise beyond their years, women (ok, ok, a few guys too) who inspire and sustain me with their super-human strength.

you totaly suck big time!


Tera said...

Fringe~Oh the pressure!!! Glad you liked it!

Eslocura~Muchas Gracias!

Heather~Uh...thanks...I think!

heather said...

anytime, any time at all. lol

Anali said...

This poem is really beautiful Tera. I've felt many of the same things on more than a few occasions, but I've never voiced them so wonderfully. I hope you continue your poetry writing.

Tera said...

Anali~Thank you very much...I think I may do so :)

Susan said...

Look who finally made her way back to Tera's blog--Susan! (I thought there was a third person theme rollin'..)

Definately go with poetry dear. It's lovely.

Tera said...

Susan~Yay! You're back! Thanks Susan :) Gotta love that 3rd person stuff!

NoRegrets said...

You know, I have been searching for a poem I wrote ages ago to post, and I can't find it! It's driving me nuts, periodically. (I can't care that much...I'll find it someday).
More poetry please...

Tera said...

NoR~And when you find it, please share!

Susan said...

I comment on your blog so much I'm starting to think I should be paying rent. lol

Tera said...

Susan~I concur! ;-D I love it though!

Kofi said...

Always keep writing. That's my vote. I write songs/poetry occasionally too... it's an entirely different language.