Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hodge Podge IX

Today is one of those days I'm feeling kind of BLAH with a whole fuckton (of COURSE I had to use it and back off Crotch-dudes the ladies have that patented) of emotions inside. I guess I might as well start at the top.

I'm thinking I might blog about this more in depth at a later date when I can handle it better, but a "friend" that I knew in high school apparently rolled over on her 2 month old and smothered him. I think back to when my boys were babies, and BOTH of them slept with me the entire first year of their lives---I was a lazy breast-feeder, don't judge me. No matter how hard I slept, I don't imagine I could have rolled over on a mother, it is just NOT conceivable! They're going to do an autopsy to see if they can rule out SIDS, but they are also trying to determine if they will bring up criminal charges against her. FYI---She tried to commit suicide days later.

Nance had a post up the other day about crying. That seems to be the sport of choice in my life lately, and I'm surprised I'm not dehydrated as much of it as I've been doing. I don't know why I feel so overwhelmed by feelings of failure lately, but I do.

My stupid ass computer crashed last won't power on. It's still under warranty, but I have to lug the fucker in! So I need to apologize in advance to folks like Churlita whose blog I can only view at home...bear with me while I get the beast attended to (I know I ended a sentence with a preposition, but so what? Fuck off!).

Until the other day, I had not seen 1 single McCain bumper sticker. I have seen a crap-load of Obama stickers, but now the McCain tally is 2. I thought that to be amazing considering the fact that I live in the 'Burbs and thought for sure there would be more supporters for the McCain ticket...or should I say the Palin ticket? I'm going to leave that one alone...

I don't know how many of you (other than Alan and Torrance) noticed that someone named "Anonymous" commented their "2 cents" at the end of my IRS post. If you have the chance to go and take a look at it, please do...that Bitch-made, Coward induced a terrible ass ache that day and I wasn't on it!

I learned the other day that I could potentially work here another 5+ years without a single raise other than cost of living (the last COL raise was 2%). Guess who won't still be working here in 2013?

I'm getting antsy. I know I mentioned the possibility of a relocation in passing here recently, but the more I think about it, the more appealing the idea becomes. I'm also thinking that this time, I won't leave a forwarding address---is that wrong?

I'm starting to see a steady increase in the number of people picking their noses while driving.

Someone forgot to tell a couple of close acquaintances back home that crack kills.

I'm thinking I might go out Saturday night and get does a body good! ESPECIALLY Bud Light Lime...I just love that shit!

Oh yeah, I am back to my vow of celibacy...I have 1 solid month under my belt thus far.

Anyways...comment away!


NoRegrets said...

I think I'm doing something wrong if you can read my blog at work. I gotta start making it more exciting, like Churlita's...

What's wrong with picking your nose while driving? Oh, ok, both hands on the wheel. Got it. OK, I'll just do it at stop lights from now on.

Ah, the IRS comment. yeah, I don't get it. It's fine that the person (I don't know why, but assuming it's a he) commented, but no balls with the anonymous thing.

You are not a failure. Shit happens sometimes in droves.

Kofi said...

August/September has always been a very difficult time for me. Hope things get better for you.

To answer your liver question from the IRS post, he hasn't gotten it and probably won't.

Tera said...

NoR~(In no particular order)





Kofi~Yeah his punk ass can continue to come around all he wants...haters keep me on my toes!

Thanks for the well wishes, I hope things are going to be okay for you too :)

Churlita said...

So, you can't read my blog at work because all of the swears? Sorry. I blog like I talk and apparently, I talk dirty.

I'm not TRYING to be celibate, but it seems to be how things are working out for me. Wah.

Tera said...

Churlita~I'm almost jealous! I KNOW I have a potty mouth and cuss often on my blog...I'm surprised I'm not blocked from my own! It's weird that I'm blocked from yours!

Oh, I'm sorry, I feel your pain...wait, maybe I'm not really TRYING either??? Hmmm...

NoRegrets said...

If you have one solid month under your belt, does that make you a virgin again?

Tera said...

NoR~Why, I believe it does!!!

M. Robert Turnage said...

One day, I will do something worthy enough to get a link to my blog. Right here, right now, I have set the goal.

NoRegrets said...

MRT, what do you mean? Tera, do you understand that?

Tera said...

MrT~Can you please elaborate a bit?

NoR~Let's wait and see what he says.

M. Robert Turnage said...

Sorry, I'm a bit punchy now. Long hard terrible week.

I just saw all these other links to other blogs in this particular entry and decided to work real hard so there would be one to mine in the next blog post.

This will probably involve writing a blog post so overwhelming with awesome that everyone will have to link to it as a way of connecting to and channeling all of the awesome.

Tera said...

MrT~You know after pondering it for a while, I figured that's what you meant! I know that I have made honorable mention/included a link in my post to you before, if bad. I will be sure to do so in an upcoming post...stay tuned Your Wonderful-ness :)

heather said...

commented re: anon at the irs post.
fond of both fuckton and fuckload so both are claimed.
haven't cried in a month or so. the way shit works with my life though the dry spell won't last long.
speaking of dry spells...
and i'm ~married~. blech.
saw a mccain sticker last week. on a hummer. some dumb ass trying to squeeze in ahead of me talking on his cell phone. i mimed hanging up the phone and gave him a nice view of my obama sticker.
not that i'm vindictive or judgemental or anything. ;)

tera, don't read past here.

*psst, mrt, write her limericks but post them instead of leaving them in comments like you normally do.*

Tera said...

Heather~You so eloquently stated those little things that Alan and I left out with regards to Troll are the BEST!

Damn dry spells to hell!

I have so GOT to start doing that hang-up thingy to those cell phone fuckers on the road!

Of course I stopped reading here, so no further comments ;-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

cowards humbug

M. Robert Turnage said...

Heather, you are a genius. The limerick part of my brain is not working (thank you, general stress level) but soon, veeery soon something good should happen.

heather said...

fyi, i generally follow the phone hang up with the bird. but i'm bitchy like that. :)

mrt, i have my moments.

Tera said...

Torrance~You can say that again!

MrT~Oh, so Heather's a genius huh??

Heather~I like the bird.

dmarks said...

I'm in a fairly "red" area (Red-state vs blue-state wise), and I can't recall ever seeing a McCain bumper sticker. There are still a few fading "W" stickers. As for yard signs, it seems that there are 10 Obama signs for every McCain sign.

I saw my first "Obama - Biden" sign today. The rest are just "Obama" and his Pepsi logo.

Nance said...

I am still laughing at noregrets' original comment.

In the last election, I had the first Kerry/Edwards sign in the area. It was promptly stolen and someone replaced it with The Angel of Death's sign. I was furious. I'm wondering if this election will get as nasty.

If McSame's ads are any indication, it just might. How sad.

NoRegrets said...

Nance, glad I could be of assistance.

I actually think that's pretty damn funny what they did with the signs. Rude, yes. Funny, yes. You should have put Bush's face on the Angel of Death.

Oh, Hi Tera.

Nance said...

noregrets, Angel of Death is what I call Bush.

NoRegrets said...

Oops... Ok, then you should have replaced that sign with an angel of death with Bush's face on it. Oh well... sorry.

Tera said...

Dmarks~Obama and his Pepsi logo...that's EXACTLY what it looks like too! :)

Nance~Me too! On BOTH parts of your comment!

NoR~I wish I could have been around to let you know that is what Nance calls the Angel of Death before you derailed. :-D

Nance~I wish I could have told her first.

NoR & Nance~Glad you guys kept the place afloat here!